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Been through the first few sections and already got me thinking so much about changes we can make to improve our marketing offers and attract more customers!

Wendy Ngoc

Reborn Fitness

Super practical, step by step, and easy to follow. Well exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to applying many of these strategies into different side projects!

Mel Safi



What students Say about the Growth Hacking Academy

No matter your experience level, we aim to provide you with a full growth marketing toolkit. They say “a magician never reveals their secrets” but here we hold nothing back!

Featured Course: Strategy & Lead Generation Masterclass

  • Mindset Part 1: The mindset that you must have to develop your business (without this nothing will work)

  • Mindset Part 2: The mindset you need to sell your business as an entrepreneur

  • Mindset Part 3: Program Your Mind to be Bulletproof

  • Mindset Part 4: “Amor Fati” – the antidote to anxiety and procrastination

  • Mindset Part 5: Four Routines to Increase Your Capacity for Success

  • Strategy Part 1: The 4 Most Important Words in Marketing

  • Strategy Part 2: Three Ms of Marketing

  • Strategy Part 3: The Four Metrics that Matter

  • Strategy Part 4: Fast Five Framework I

  • Strategy Part 5: Fast Five Framework II

  • Strategy Part 6: Marketing is Not a Mystery

  • Market (Targeting) Part 1: Overview

  • Market (Targeting) Part 2: Simple Scraping for Prospects I

  • Market (Targeting) Part 3: Simple Scraping for Prospects II

  • Market (Targeting) Part 4: Riches Within the Niches

  • Message Part 1: Create a Killer Message – “The 3 AM Test”

  • Message Part 2: The AIDA Formula

  • Message Part 3: Improve your Message with Propositions

  • Message Part 4: Develop Powerful Empathy

  • Message Part 5: Rapport Building

  • Media Part 1: Leverage Skills & Talents

  • Media Part 2: How to Generate Leads for Free with Email

  • Media Part 3: Essentials of Instagram and Twitter

  • Media Part 4: How to Earn Money by Traveling

  • Media Part 5: Generate Leads with LinkedIn

  • Media Part 6: How to Get Endless Leads from Reddit on Autopilot

  • Media Part 7: How to Promote Everywhere with Heat-Seeking Accuracy

  • Content That Converts Part 1: What and Why

  • Content That Converts Part 2: Leveraging Technology

  • Content That Converts Part 3: Promote Your Content

  • Content That Converts Part 4: Viral Content

  • Content That Converts Part 5: How to Create 6 Months of Content in 1 Afternoon

  • Engineering Viral Launches Part 1 – Preparation (Watch this first!)

  • Engineering Viral Launches Part 2 – Long-Term Strategy, Short Term Wins

  • Engineering Viral Launches Part 3A – Nuts & Bolts (Outreach)

  • Engineering Viral Launches Part 3B – Nuts & Bolts (Word-of-Mouth)

  • Engineering Viral Launches Part 3C&D – Nuts & Bolts (Listing & LTD Sites)

  • Engineering Viral Launches Part 3E – Nuts & Bolts (Partnerships)

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About me

Senior Instructor Biography

Danny Flood is the author of “Dr Growth,” “Hack Sleep,” “Buy Your Own Island” and other works. A serial online entrepreneur and owner of a growth hacking agency, he has 25+ years of experience in direct marketing and sales and is one of the world’s leading marketing and growth hacking trainers, having taught in more than 20+ countries.

He is a world nomad, traveling and living in nearly 40 countries since 2009. Danny is the author of multiple books such as Buy Your Own Island, Hack Sleep, and Dr Growth. He is also editor of OpenWorld Magazine and host of the Limitless Life podcast.

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We are very good at growing businesses through growth hacking and we are committed through and through to helping every single student succeed too!

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