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The launch is where business dreams are made — or fade.

Imagine the frustration of pouring your heart and soul into building your dream, only to launch to the sound of crickets. Imagine the feeling of posting and sharing your campaign, only to get two likes from your aunt and mother. Or setting a goal to raise $100,000 and only raising a tiny fraction of the amount.

We all know that sinking feeling. What went wrong?

Launching your entrepreneurial dream should never be a shot in the dark; every aspect needs to be meticulously planned. That’s why Launch Lab isn’t just a course—it’s the detailed schematics and inner workings of a successful launch, based on the culmination of years of experience orchestrating hundreds of launches, all distilled into a comprehensive blueprint that takes you from dreaming to thriving.

In this Course You’ll Learn…

  • A comprehensive plan to launch on crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and others; including swipe files, templates and launch timelines.
  • How to launch profitable information products and software
  • How to launch on large platforms such as Amazon and Appsumo
  • How to Get Qualified Leads that Convert to Backers With 90%
  • How and why things go viral — and how to create viral expansion loops
  • A “Secret” Backer Email Formula
  • Achieve the Ultimate FOMO With a Simple Rewards Trick
  • How to Track Untrackable Facebook Conversions on Kickstarter
  • Social media marketing hacks — generate leads for free

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Course Content

How to Enchant & Seduce During Your Launch 💎

  • How to seduce people with your story

How to Launch on Kickstarter

How to Launch Products on Appsumo

How to Launch Books on Amazon

How to Crowdfund a Book (And Digital Products)

Network = Net Worth: How to Build it Before you Need It

Engineering Viral Launches
This is a bonus section from the 10x Growth Hacking Masterclass with additional tactics to help you prepare your launch 🚀🔥

Growth Hacking Tactics

Engineer Your Mindset for Maximum Success 🔥


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6 months ago
If you're launching ANYTHING, you should probably go through this course. There is so much info, and you can pick and choose which info is relevant to your project. Absolutely guaranteed you will find many ideas to help you launch online.
The School of Growth Hacking