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Whenever anyone asks me how to start in business, my answer is usually very simple: “Create something and sell it.” Create a service or product and offer it to people to buy.

Some of my first businesses when I was barely nine or ten years old involved knocking on doors and offering to take out people’s trash, or helping my mom pass out notepads on people’s doorsteps advertising her real estate business (services). A couple of years later, my friends and I were creating POGs, which was a hyped up game in the 90s, and selling them (product).

Now it’s 2023 and we can do all of these things just using our phone or our laptop, without needing any physical product, without needing a physical office, and at zero marginal cost. It’s really unbelievable.

We just have to create a good idea and offer it to people to see if they are interested in buying it.

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