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Today I have the pleasure of hosting an insightful interview with my friend and entrepreneur coach, George Katsiouras, as he reveals helpful strategies for us to break through mental barriers and achieve better performance and growth in our lives.

One of the characteristics of the most successful and effective people is their speed of implementation. The most effective entrepreneurs have found a way to come to peace with their internal dialogue and reduce their internal resistance so that it doesn’t interfere with their performance.

In the interview George shared several helpful ideas and metaphors to help us “reframe” our mindsets and better understand our growth as an individual and an entrepreneur. He explains why we trap ourselves with expectations, and how to feel more optimistic about our lives, standards, and qualities so that we are better equipped to handle the daily challenges that come with the entrepreneur life. He helps us to reassess our measuring stick of success in a way that empowers us and makes us less outcome-oriented.

This interview offers an illuminating perspective into George’s system, the Effortless Action Protocol (E.A.P) and we discuss practical techniques to reframe your thinking and how they can translate to real world results. Learn how George has helped entrepreneurs worldwide double their income, secure dream clients, and 10x their productivity. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge and transform your mindset!

To contact George and inquire about coaching, you contact him on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/georgekcoach and Whatsapp: +61 434 575 295

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How to level up and reach your peak potential (Interview with entrepreneur coach George Katsiouras)

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