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The marketing insights and strategies you need, in clear & straightforward language.

You’re sick of spending hours marketing your content only to get lackluster results. Heck, just thinking about product positioning, lead generation, and Facebook ads makes your head hurt.

You need a doctor. Luckily, Dr. Growth will see you now.

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Increase your business profits and growth

We all know of people who are running their own successful and profitable business… and doing it all online. What’s the #1 thing that separates the few standouts that thrive and prosper while others struggle to gain traction?

It isn’t that these entrepreneurs are smarter, or better connected, or work harder than the rest of us…

It’s effective marketing. Pure and simple. Either by accident or by design, successful entrepreneurs have “cracked the code” and figured out how to generate customers effectively and monetize them at a cost lower than they acquired them.

The good news is, once you understand the basics of killer marketing — and know exactly how to scale your efforts, it gives you incredible, liberating power.

You can easily make traffic, users, customers, and money materialize out of thin air. You may be blown away by how easy it can actually be.

And it’s all LEARNABLE. It’s not some mystery. There’s an exact code and technique to make magic happen, again and again.

Hundreds of campaigns, millions in pageviews, millions of followers, millions of emails and millions in revenue

Working nights, holidays, and weekends, I’ve been able to fit together the pieces of a grand puzzle — and discover the secrets of hacking growth, automation, leverage, and how to create a god like aura of efficiency and speed to help any business dominate its space online.

Through countless campaigns I’ve tested hundreds of tactics and invented my own strategies where none previously existed and kept only the methods I know work. From tireless tests and experiments I’ve been able to create a process that is proven to be consistent, repeatable, and most importantly — its effective.

Now It’s Your Turn

Are you ready to learn the secrets that top-earning online marketers are using to dominate virtually every platform and niche online? It is with great esteem and an equal measure of humility that I bring you my latest guide to growth hacking your marketing.

Growth Hacking 101: What You’ll Learn in This Book

• The three critical elements that make or break every marketing campaign
• How to position products so that they become addictive — and foster viral word of mouth
• How to master the dark arts of Neuromarketing — and sell anything you want (use responsibly!)
• The most effective (and automated) lead generation strategies and case studies
• How to hack time — cultivate a godlike aura of efficiency and speed
• Hack the world of online PR — rejection-proof techniques to generate “celebrity” status for you and your business
• How to hack online publishing
• The 50x and 100x niche domination strategy used by the biggest growth hackers
• How to create your own viral videos using proven strategies
• How to generate non-stop leads using LinkedIn
• Powerful Facebook advertising strategies to place you and your business front and center
• “Hand Holding” for every channel and platform — generate free leads and traffic, slash your marketing budget to a fraction
• The hottest tools and automation software and clever ways to use them
• And a whole lot (300+ pages) more…

Over the last 12 years, I’ve launched blogs, books, written several hundred pieces of content, published podcasts, promoted affiliate products, sold my own products, created online courses, written sales copy, created email lists, created huge followings on virtually every channel, produced membership sites, landing pages, done video marketing, ranked websites #1 for competitive terms, and on and on.

I’ve also honed the best marketing tactics through repeated tests and campaigns working with more than two hundred clients. Now I’ve compiled this into a powerful system that can predictably and consistently launch any business to the top of their respective niche.

And now it’s your turn. Are you ready?


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